HYPE Ecosystem


25 agents (AI bots with machine-learning capabilities & different analytical skills) working to continuously analyze and evaluate BTC & ETH market data. Over time, the AI (consisting of these 25 bots) will mature and learn the dynamics of the market , further improving their accuracy. This service allows users to receive signals from 25 AI bots directly every 4 hours.

HYPE is used to validate memberships and as fees to activate special features within the subscription.


100% Browser-based decentralized cryptocurrency wallet supporting p2p exchange for Bitcoin-Ethereum and Bitcoin-ERC20 Tokens. It allows users to import/export wallets for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, USDT, and ERC20 Tokens. 

No intermediary party involved, no platform fees involved, no data is ever stored on the servers, decentralized orderbooks via IPFS. 

HYPE is used as listing fees and as an airdrop tool for new ERC20 tokens.


WeShopwithCrypto.com marketplace allows users to buy and sell everything with cryptocurrencies. It’s a marketplace similar to eBay where anybody can register as a seller to set up their online stores.

Sellers can withdraw their earnings in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Hype Token (HYPE). Buyers are protected with the in-built escrow system.

HYPE is used to purchase vendor upgrades and product promotions.


Prediction Market based on the Augur protocol, allowing users to place bets and trade on trending political, social, economical, and technological events. 

Example use case includes a yes/no market on a subject such as ‘Will Trump Win the 2020 Elections?’. Users will be able to place bets/trade on Yes (long) or No (short) and at the end of the campaign, winning stock holders will proportionately acquire losing stock holders’ fees. 

HYPE is used as one of the base trading pairs as well as fees for all trades and listing new markets.


HYPE Airdrop Central is a simple one-page directory where users can submit or join airdrop campaigns for free. It’s a directory aggregating all airdrop campaigns LIVE on Twitter. 

There’s a separate Twitter account and a Telegram channel dedicated for the airdrop central. Occasionally, there will be airdrop campaigns exclusively for HYPE holders as we airdrop partner tokens to all HYPE holders. 

HYPE is used as a base token for airdrops as well as listing fees for new airdrop campaigns.


Games built on the Ethereum Blockchain, fuelled by Hype Token (HYPE) for users to earn and spend their HYPE. (Development in progress). 

HYPE is used as in-game points.